Tuesday June 16th

Hello Sportsfans…  And welcome to the most recent here in the region with 14,000 island and a fish around each corner!  (Lake of the Woods)

What’s new at Ballard’s Black Island?  It’s June and we’re crankin!  As in multi-species with lots of sun and fun…

Walleyes have been good up in Miles and over west by Boomer.  Even hearing of a few sneaking down by Dawson for a peek.  Water clarity remains decent, which is a bonus, for ol’ marble eyes.  Most action coming off the points and shorelines.

Undoubtable, this has been the best “big fish” start to our spring season.  Lots of “overs” make for some fantastic catch and release action.  And the overall action has been quite good.  Plenty of year-classes present in the fishery.  A good sign for now and the future!

The Pikers have been more random.  Some shallow, but many coming off a jig and minnow, random catch while fishing walleye.  Go figure?!

One group in camp, the Fleming boys, did manage to sneak up to O.L., and the three of them boated sixty plus on a less than spectacular weather day.  Wind and cold, but they managed to boat 100-plus greens.  Imagine what the count would have been if it were a nice day!!

Bass bass bass…  Bass on the crunch.  When will our lake be named:  “Smallmouth Capital of the World”?  Wow!  What a resource.  And right now the bass are certainly living up to their reputation.

The Webb gang was in camp last week.  Tremendous guys…  Great fishermen…  And, well, let’s just say, “THEY CRUSHED ‘EM”!  Leave the island (BBI) in pretty much any direction and find a shoreline to cast.  You will catch huge smallmouth bass.  Good times!

The musky gig?  We drop the official green flag this coming Saturday.  Big toothy critters.  Get your bucktails ready.

June is jam packed with action.  So many fish to chase and so many shorelines to fish.  Sure is fun trying!!

Set the hook,

The Gang At BBI


Ontario’s Lake of the Woods