Saturday May 30th

Hello Sportsfans – welcome to the (Just a Swingin’ / John Anderson) latest and greatest here at Ballard’s Black Island. Swingin’, as in rare-back, and let fly with your fishin’ rod! It’s spring and it’s go time on Lake of the Woods.

What’s new and exciting for week one here at BBI? Grand-Slams… Grand-Slams… Grand-Slams… Grand-Slams… Get the pic?!

Yep, we are up on the shorelines, casting until we just can’t cast one more time, and we’re catching multiple species in doing so. The Poepl’s, the Sanders’, and the Kleinke’s all joined us during our opening week (thanks much gang!) and we pretty much gave the fish a run for their money. Good times!

What’s hot? Shallow shorelines. A mix of rubble rock, sand beaches, and huge boulders. Check ’em out.

As you cast-cast-cast your way down a shoreline, you just never know what might lashout at your lure. As mentioned it’s been a Grand-Slam mixer. Bass, walleye, pike, and the accidental / it’s not open season yet / musky. We’re seeing a mix of everything…

Preferred baits? The jig and minnow combo bodes well forwalleye anytime and all the time on L-O-Dub. But right now you can also catch ’em on a spinner bait, crank bait, plastic tube, inline spinner, or grub. The same goes for your bass and pikers. And occasionally you bump into the misplaced (out of season) musky.

As the spring continues to get sprung… Shoreline action will only continue to HEAT UP!

Can anyone say: “Boomstick”

See you on the big pond. Check out our Ballard’s Black Island / Facebook Page / More new photos and comments.

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