Hosted Trip Schedule for 2018

May 20th to May 26th – Shaun Ridder

August 12th to August 18th – Vicki McKenna

September 16th to September 22nd – Dan Small

September 22nd to September 28th – Ross Peterson

October 7th to October 13th  – Roger Brown

About our hosted trips:


During the summer months the majority of business at Ballard’s Black Island is made up of bookings from private individual parties.  But, during the course of the season, we do occasionally have clients that lead or “host” a group trip, and all guests are invited to participate.


Our hosted trips are a ton of fun, encourage shared fishing instruction, and ultimately add more adventure to an already spectacular venue (Lake of the Woods)!  This is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and meet future fishing partners.


Hosted trips also include custom catered packages with special group pricing incentives.  If you are interested in signing up for one of these trips please know in advance that the same professionalism, expertise, and high level of service will be provided by the Ballard’s Black Island staff throughout your stay.