When the calendar turns to September on Lake of the Woods there’s a transformation that takes place across the spectrum of the lake and islands.  The days become shorter…  Temperatures are crisp in the mornings and evenings…  And the clarity of autumn is captured with amazing sunrises and sunsets.

It’s during this special season that this picture was taken en route to picking up hunters just before dark.  It’s the fall of the year when your senses are clear and bright.  And on a calm evening when it’s translucent, for a very brief moment, the sky and the water become one.

hunting pic

This celebrated occasion is only heightened by the additional adventures that are offered here at Ballard’s Black Island.  Guided bear hunts…  Guided duck hunts…  Matched with trophy multi-specie fishing!

It’s the time of year when sporting folk come north to pack in as much early fall season exploration as possible.  You rise early…  You greet the day with a hearty hello…  And after a combo day of fishing and hunting your head hits the pillow in anticipation of tomorrow.

Take advantage of this special season on Lake of the Woods.  Check out our Fishing / Bear Hunting, and Duck Hunting / Fishing combo packages for more current details and rates.