A day of wings and fins…  Your fall island experience mixes morning duck hunts with afternoon fishing adventures.  We call it the “Ballard’s Black Island Combo Duck Hunt / Fishing Package”!

Early season waterfowl hunting on Lake of the Woods (Ontario’s Northern District) generally begins with an annual start date of September 10.  It is during this time that you will most often see a combination of local mallards, first teal, wood ducks, and neighboring Canada geese.

Late September or early October is generally when you can expect to see the first influx of “ring-bills” or ring-necked diving ducks.  If you are lucky to hit it right, the pace of shooting on these aerial acrobats can be fast and furious.  The morning shoot may only last for an hour or so, but what a great way to start your day!

The majority of the waterfowl hunts take place in back bays supporting substantial wild rice growth.  It should also be noted that the population and success of bird numbers from year to year is directly related to the amount of food source available.  Meaning?  Good rice years equate to good hunting seasons.

Our typical waterfowl hunt will take place within a close proximity of Ballard’s Black Island.  Generally speaking it’s a 5-10 mile run by water to our favorite ducky destinations.  From there…  Most hunts take place off island points where you are either sitting or standing on shore.  Occasionally, pending water conditions, there may be a boat hunt in the mix.

Bird numbers in general, rated by the past history of Lake of the Woods, would be considered “low” by most local hunting enthusiast’s standards.  This is why we consider the combo-package / morning hunt and afternoon fish to be the most enjoyable experience for those wishing to give chase.

Example of daily activity:  600am depart from camp with 2-3 hunters per guide and boat,  pack a thermos and a few snacks to share in the blind,  10am pick up the decoys and return to the lodge for a hearty breakfast,  1130am depart for a full afternoon of fishing adventures,  500pm return to dock,  600pm evening dinner,  cap off your day by adding a crackling-campfire to your evening activities!

 Season dates:  Ballard’s Black Island “Combo Duck Hunt / Fishing Package”:  September 10 to October 11,  2015.


 Package rates:   “Combo Duck Hunt / Fishing Package”

4 nights, 3 days hunt / fish, all meals and beverages, fully guided – $1450pp

5 nights, 4 days hunt / fish, all meals and beverages, fully guided – $1750pp

6 nights, 5 days hunt / fish, all meals and beverages, fully guided – $2000pp

7 nights, 6 days hunt / fish, all meals and beverages, fully guided – $2250pp